Campillo Cuveé

Tasting Notes


Time spent mainly in American oak barrels

D.O.Ca Rioja

75 cl.


Clean, bright and with bluish hints that denote youth. Fresh and expressive on the palate. Aromas of black and red fruits. Subtle sweet notes from the toasting of the American oak barrels. Slight hints of vanilla. Good entry on the palate, friendly tannin, hints of black and red fruit and toast from the barrel. Lingering finish with a fruity aftertaste. 

Enjoy it with pumpkin cream, grilled or roasted vegetables and mushrooms, meat or vegetable lasagna, mild grilled fish, grilled or stewed meats, emmental or gruyere cheese, baked desserts such as cheesecake or chocolate brownie.


BRC Certificate 2005/0003 IFS Certificate 2009:0042

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